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VP El Haite offers debriefing of the COP 22 at Conference in Dakhla
Tuesday 21 March 2017 19:03

LI Vice President on the Bureau Hakima El Haite, Minister in charge of Environment of Morocco, continues her international mission to raise awareness of the importance of climate action, in follow-up to the 197th LI Executive Committee which took place in conjunction with the Climate Change Summit COP22 in Marrakech, where liberals confirmed their commitment to the Paris Climate Accords.

At an international Forum on Africa & South-South Cooperation in Dakhla, Morocco, Minister El Haite highlighted the COP 22 achievements and addressed the expected impact of the reduction of climate change effects for Africa and the Small Island Developing States (SIDS).  LI VP El Haite said: “Many people in African countries are experiencing hunger, which is shameful given the technology and innovative proposals made by Africans themselves. Africa needs to address issues of water and agriculture.”

Offering concrete proposals to the participants on implementation of Climate Change programmes on national level, including involvement of the Global Green Fund, she said: “we have seen unprecedented level of ideas and mechanisms of support at COP 22, which will be remembered as the Summit for action.”

In December last year President François Hollande decorated LI Vice President El Haité with France's Legion of Honour: the highest honour for civilian merits, recognising her career and commitment to the ecological cause both nationally and internationally and her will to “implement the ecological momentum".


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199th Executive Committee
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