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Prime Minister Trudeau reshuffles Canadian government
Thursday 12 January 2017 15:01

After just over 1 year in office, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau (LPC - LI full-member), has introduced new figures to some of the top posts in his administration, including Chrystia Freeland as the new Foreign Minister.

Ms. Freeland played a key role in securing the Canada-EU free trade agreement which was successfully concluded under her leadership as  Canada's International Trade Minister at the time. Commenting on her new role on Twitter she said:“ I am truly humbled. I will continue each and every day to represent the best of Canada around the world."

Other changes to the Cabinet include the appointment of Ahmed Hussein, the first Somali-Canadian Member of Parliament, as the new Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Karina Gould who at the age of 29 is the youngest female Cabinet Minister in the enitre history of Canada as Minister for Demcratic Institutions, Quebec Member of Parliament François-Philippe Champagne as the Minister for International Trade, and Patty Hadju as Minister for Employment and Labour.

LI Secretary-General Emil Kirjas met with Minister Freeland most recently at the LPC Biannual Convention last year where they discussed the importance of coordinating liberals and liberal positions at international institutions.

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