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Norwegian Liberal leader responds to Russia ban with congress invitation
Thursday 9 March 2017 16:03

Trine Skei Grande MP, leader of LI full member Venstre, who only one month ago was banned from entering Russia as part of  Norwegian parliamentary delegation invited by the upper chamber of the Russian parliament (the Federation Council), has offered a genuine reply - a video address to the Russian Ambassador who denied her entry to Russia, inviting him to the Venstre Congress.

In the video subtitled in Russian, Venstre’s Leader Skei Grande says: "Russia is one of the countries I worked with... I think that it is very important to hold a dialogue with all the countries, including those with which we disagree on some points. When two countries are neighbours they must have a dialogue, especially when they have some disagreements on some issues.” In the presented letter, the Russian Ambassador was invited “to the congress of our liberal party and listen to our debates and see how democracy in this party and in Norway in general works.” She expressed hope for “improvement of dialogue with Russia” which she sees as “an important country to negotiate with”.

Ms. Skei Grande ends her message: “I hope that you, distinguished Mr. Ambassador, will come and see how our party Congress goes. I cannot visit you, but you can visit us!"

Olga Radayeva, head of International Department of Russia’s LI full member YABLOKO characterised the approach of the Norwegian liberal leader as “a fine example of a constructive and peaceful approach to international relations.” She said: “This can help clearing the misunderstanding, as problems are solved only through dialogue. Russia should be interested in establishing good relations and cooperation with Europe, rather than erecting a wall of incomprehension and miscommunication. Ms. Skei Grande gave a good example how politicians should act building bridges, not ruining them.” Ms.  Radayeva, who is deputy head of YABLOKO’s Gender Fraction concluded: “This is also a fine example of a smart power of women-politicians."

The Norwegian delegation had postponed their visit expressing solidarity with Trine Skei Grande. Many liberal leaders in Europe and North America continue to be banned from entering Russia and are subject to smear campaigns orchestrated by the Kremlin.

Click on the image below to see the video:

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