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Liberals to mark International Human Rights Day
Thursday 8 December 2016 19:12

Liberal International reflects on the events of the past 12 months which have promoted and advanced human rights internationally, as the international liberal community prepares to celebrate international Human Rights Day on Saturday 10 December. 

During this year’s Human Rights Day, we look back at all the opportunities LI have taken to promote their four priority areas within Human Rights: Freedom of Belief, Women’s Rights, Responsibility to Protect and LGBT rights.

LI organised a side event at the 135th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in Geneva in October, as well as at COP22 in Marrakech in November, where both events focused on eliminating violence against women, specifically in politics, with the cooperation of NDI.

Under the theme “Freedom of Belief in an Era of Radicalization”, the LI Human Rights Committee meet last week convened in Brussels, to discuss the priorities of the new year. The event also included the presentation of the 2016 LI Prize for Freedom, which was awarded to Raif Badawi, imprisoned Liberal Saudi Blogger. His wife, Ensaf Haidar, accepted the award on his behalf. “This prize goes to this very courageous man. [Raif Badawi] hasn’t seen his wife or kids for so many years now, and he’s still standing strong,” said Markus Leoning, Chairman of LIHRC.

This year we released the latest publication from LI - 'The Responsibility to Protect: Ten Years on - what next?' Drawing together the conclusions of prominent liberals, ministers, diplomats, and civil society experts from LI's meeting in the European Parliament on Responsibility to Protect.

One of our working groups focuses exclusively on LGBTI rights, and the LIHRC continue to promote the cause. During the summer, LI Secretary General, Emil Kirjas attended the #IDAHOT2016 Forum in #Denmark and shared a powerful message: "Touch hearts to change minds", he said.

“It is in the midst of challenge, that liberalism thrives, it is when pushed from left to right that liberal values punch back: this is a lesson we have inherited from our liberal founders,” stated LI President, Dr. Juli Minoves

All of these events and gatherings are perfect examples of liberals coming together to further the fight for human rights. On 10 December, we are proud to stand together and fight!

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