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Liberals pledge to work with the new President of Somalia
Wednesday 8 February 2017 18:02

Under exceptional security measures, the members of the both houses of the Parliament of Somalia today elected the new president of the war-torn nation. In the second round of voting former Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo defeated the incumbent Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to become the new President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The election of the President follows a lengthy electoral process, which over recent months saw the election of new parliamentarians in the Lower House and senators in the Upper House of the Parliament, based predominantly on clan representation. Somalia, marred by religious and clan conflict, has not had a one-person one-vote democratic election since 1969.

Following the elections, Professor Abdurahman Abdiqani Ibrahim, Chairman of LI applicant Cahdi Party rallied behind the newly elected President for having a “good profile for fighting against terrorists during his tenure as Prime Minister.” He said: "CAHDI Party will positively work with the newly elected President Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo to make Somalia more secure and with clear vision to have one-man-one-vote in time for [elections in] 2020."

As part of the post-conflict transition agreement, the election of parliamentarians in 2016 relied on clan elders and community representatives rather than a popular vote, where each MP was elected by 51 voters out of total of over 16000 voters. All members of parliament would have to join one political party/group by 20 October 2018. Any lawmaker who failed to join a party would lose his or her seat. CAHDI party (full name of the party “Justice and Development of Democracy and Self-Respectfulness Party”), is set to become an observer member of Liberal International at the upcoming Congress of Liberal International, following the positive recommendation of the 197th Executive Committee meeting in 2016.

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