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Liberal success in achieving marriage equality in Finland and Slovenia
Thursday 2 March 2017 18:03

Liberal International member parties in Finland (Keskusta and Svenska Folkpartiet) and in Slovenia (Stranka Modernega Centra), in separate legislative initiatives, have secured marriage equality for their citizens. Same-sex couples in these two European nations, which are led by liberal governments, will now be able to enjoy equal rights and perform same sex marriage ceremonies.

The leader of the parliamentary group of SMC in the Slovenian Parliament Simona Kustec Lipicer MP clearly answered the criticism from conservative groups: “The question over the understanding of family or family relations is not the subject on the agenda, but the equalization of rights and obligations arising from marriage.” She said: "Being different, in its very essence should be understood as a gift, as a basic, integral part of equity and not as a seed of discord in the society." Ms Kuster Lipicer added: "Just as one doesn’t command who, when, under what conditions one might be short-haired, long-legged, faithful, light or less-skinned, in the case of a consensual relationship we have no rights to command, restrict or prohibit, to others whom to love - women or men."

In parallel, in the Far East, Democratic Progressive Party (LI full member) is pushing to make Taiwan the first Asian nation to provide marriage equality. DPP legislators have proposed an amendment of the Civil Code in order to make same-sex marriage possible; the biggest sign of support for same-sex marriage on the island since 2006. Advocating for same-sex marriage was a central part of the Presidential campaign of DPP's leader and now President of Taiwan  Dr. Tsai Ing-Wen.

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