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Liberal leader Verhofstadt spells out risks to Europe's future in LI lecture
Thursday 2 February 2017 15:02

European liberal leader, Guy Verhofstadt, made international headlines this week as he delivered Liberal International’s 2017 Isaiah Berlin Lecture in front of a capacity crowd in London, where he set out the greatest threats to Europe’s future ahead of a UK parliamentary vote on Brexit two days’ later.

Speaking to the UK’s diplomatic, political, media, and foreign affairs community at the world-renowned think-tank, Chatham House, Mr. Verhofstadt said: “The European Union us under serious threat from three fronts: first of all a radicalised political Islam… the second threat is Vladimir Putin, who is trying to undermine the European Union from inside… and I have come backform the US and my impression is that we have a third front … and that is Donald Trump.”


“The European Union has fewer friends than ever in the United States today”, added the leader of the ALDE Group (LI full member), before asking why is Europe in crisis? “I recognise that Europe is in a ‘polycrisis’ … a crisis of migration, of internal security, of geopolitical weakness in our neighbourhood… such a European Union cannot work in the world of today.”

Drawing on the conclusions of his latest book, Europe’s Last Chance, to offer responses to the crisis of Europe today, Mr. Verhofstadt called for deep reform. “Brexit is a golden opportunity … to get our act together inside the European Union. What is really needed is not new ideas; the ideas already exist… we have the building blocks… we need the capacities… to do what is necessary.”


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