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LI will continue to support freedom in Zanzibar and Tanzania
Tuesday 28 March 2017 17:03

The Director of Foreign Affairs and International Relations of Tanzania’s Civic United Front (CUF - LI full member) and Member of Zanzibar's House of Representatives, Ismail Jussa, met with Secretary General Emil Kirjas last week to discuss continuous clampdown democracy, human rights and civil liberties in the East African nation. “Rest assured that we are going to continue our international pressure to hold the government in Dar es Salaam accountable for its actions until freedom prevails,” said Mr Kirjas after the meeting.

On his part, Mr Jussa praised LI for its unwavering support and appealed for more concrete actions from member parties especially those in power in Canada, in Europe and in Africa to pressurise Tanzania to restore democracy in Zanzibar and respect free speech in the country. "We are grateful for all the support that Liberal International has been extending over the years to CUF and to the peoples of Zanzibar and Tanzania at large in our struggle for self-determination, democracy, and human rights. But time has come for a decisive course of action to produce the much-desired results. Zanzibaris have waited for too long," he said.

The meeting in the LI secretariat follows meetings that Mr Jussa had with the Foreign Affairs spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats (LibDems, UK - LI full member) Tom Brake MP during which they agreed to work together to encourage the UK government to press harder for the restoration of multi-party government and with representatives of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Earlier on he also held discussions with the Commonwealth Secretariat at Marlborough House, Chatham House, the Africa Research Institute and the Australian High Commission in London.


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