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LI raises Zanzibar political turmoil at United Nations
Thursday 15 September 2016 14:09

In a written statement submitted to the 33rd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Liberal International (LI) has called on the international community to increase the pressure on the Tanzanian government to cease the exponential human rights abuses and suppression of political and civil rights on the island. 

The statement comes in the aftermath of widespread abuses against the opposition, civil society and pro-democracy activists, which has been on-going since the unconstitutional annulment of the 25 October 2015 general elections in the country. Detailing the political witch-hunt, LI's position on the issue before the UNHRC commits liberal parliamentarians in government and in opposition across the world to take a firm stand in their parliaments and speak up against the indecent treatments of opposition leaders and supporters in Zanzibar.

In a recent meeting with the LI Secretariat at their Headquarters in London, the Secretary-General of the Civic United Front (CUF – LI full member), Seif Sharif Hamad has expressed his profound concern about the violation of basic rights and democratic principles in Zanzibar and called on the international community "to recognise and act to prevent the potential instability that the denial of democracy might lead to in an already volatile region."

As a leader of the Tanzanian liberal opposition whose victory in the general elections was unlawfully denied, Hamad continues to be a target of President John Magufuli's regime most recently receiving verbal threats that he might be facing the possibility of an arrest.

In recent inflammatory remarks, President Magufuli has ruled out any possibility for a political reconciliation declaring that the opposition has to wait until the next general elections in 2020 before seeking to participate in the governing process in the country.

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