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LI leadership: Venezuela must immediately restore rule of law
Saturday 1 April 2017 22:04

President Dr Juli Minoves and Vice President Eduardo Montealegre expressed Liberal International's deep concern at Venezuela’s Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate, for all practical purposes, the legislative power of the country’s National Assembly. They voiced a strong demand from the international liberal community for full respect of the Venezuelan Constitution and immediate restoration of the rule of law, including the returning of parliamentary immunity to all its democratically elected Members.

Expressing LI's "solidarity with the people of Venezuela in this dark hour of their history", LI Presiident said that "Venezuela's non democracy is tragically descending into an economic and political abyss.

 As Vice President on the LI’s Bureau, Montealegre said “this last maneuver of Maduro’s regime is intolerable and shows a sign weakness on the part Maduro’s totalitarian regime’s side.”

Speaking as the representative of all Latin American Liberals on the Bureau, Montealegre stated that “all Latin America Liberals must condemn this assault to democracy in Venezuela and urge all Liberals to unite in denouncing this atrocity and request that their respective governments demand the Secretary General of the OAS to apply with full force the Inter-American Democratic Charter to Maduro’s government in its totality." 

On the evening of the 29th of March, two decisions of the "Chamber of Constitutional Affairs" of the Supreme Court of Venezuela brought the country into the headlines of the world press. In its judgments nos. 155 and 156, the Constitutional Court repealed the immunity of the deputies of the National Assembly, and even wanted to take over all legislative functions of Parliament, since this "continued to void decisions of this court and its decisions were null and void." Birgit Lamm, Latin America Regional Director of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF) commented in an exclusive report (la versión castellana del artículo) that "it is probably a historically unique process that a Constitutional Court, which should actually be the guardian of the constitution of its state and its institutions, should itself abolish the division of powers and abrogate basic principles of the constitution."

As the Supreme Court now seems to have disavowed its earlier decisions this week taking powers from congress and limiting lawmakers' immunity from prosecution, Venezuela's opposition lawmakers called on supporters to remain mobilized on the streets to keep pressure on the government to hold elections this year.

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