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LI condolences and strong condemnation over developments in Paraguay
Monday 3 April 2017 18:04

LI President Dr Juli Minoves has offered his condolences and strong condemnation following disturbing developments in Paraguay over the last weekend. He paid tribute to the young member of LI full member Partido Liberal Radical Autentico - PLRA, Rodrigo Quintana, who was killed by the national police in the party central headquarters in Asuncion.

LI President said: "Once again strongmen who want to stay in power want to abolish term limits and will use violence against political oponents if needed. A 25 year old is dead in Asuncion victim of brutality. I convey our condolences to his family and Liberal International's strong condemnation of the illiberal political decisions that are at the origin of this."

Dr Minoves added: "It is terrible to see how the desire to stay in power puts in danger hard-fought democratic values in a country that lived for many decades under a ferocious dictatorship."

Candles have been lid on the blood-covered floor in the headquarters of LI full member PLRA-Partido Liberal Radical Auténtico in Asuncion where the national police stormed in the early hours of Saturday morning and killed Rodrigo Quintana, regional leader of the PLRA Youth (Juventud Liberal Radical Auténtica).

Peaceful PLRA-led demonstrations opposing the disputed changes of Paraguay's constitution allowing re-election of the president had turned in violent on Friday night in the aftermath of a highly controversial attempt by majority senators to enact the consitutional amendments.

The World Today resolution adopted at 56th LI Congress in Cairo states: "Following our principles, Congress expresses a degree of concern for the cases of extension of the mandate of an incumbent president, when it is not in conformity with the current constitution. Expressing profound concern by the undemocratic and authoritarian tendencies in a number of Latin American countries, Liberal International calls for democracy to be strengthened in all the countries of the region and for all democratic institutions to continue working towards this aim, both on a national and regional level."


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