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LI President: 'Liberal values founded the European idea and must be reasserted against far-right rhetoric'
Tuesday 27 May 2014 09:05

Commenting on the results of the elections to the European parliament, Dr. Juli Minoves, congratulated wholeheartedly the newly elected liberal members of the European parliament, and noted great advances in certain countries such as in the Netherlands with the D66 and VVD, Belgium, Estonia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Finland that he has recently visited.

Dr. Minoves welcomed the fact that the liberals will remain the third largest group in the European Parliament. “The Liberals and Democrats at the  European level will maintain the role of king-makers in decision making”, commented the LI President.


The leader of LI also acknowledged  “disturbing trends in certain European countries where far-right rhetoric seems to be in the upswing”. Reprising some ideas from his recent Congress speech, the LI President reasserted that “we must, as Liberals, constitute a united front against ideas that stem from closed minds, closed borders, closed cultures and in the end closed hearts”. The President reminded the LI membership that “liberal values founded the European idea and must be reasserted against far-right rhetoric and populism”. He noted that “freedom is more powerful than fear and hatred of the other” and that when “far-right speech becomes more vocal, Liberals have a duty and an opportunity to fight with truth and facts”. The lessons of history, he said, are stubborn: “Personal freedoms and open borders to trade and labour have brought prosperity and honour to Europe; extreme ideologies have but a history of ruin and dishonour behind them”.


“LI Bureau members Cecilia Wikström and Hans van Baalen have been re-elected. They will remain a great asset for our organization in the European parliament” noted President Minoves.


Note to editors:

-         The early results of the elections and projections indicate that 70 MEPs are secure and 10 to 15 more are expected to join the Liberal and Democrat group in the European Parliament.       

-          ALDE Party and the ALDE Group in the European Parliament are full members of Liberal International

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