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LI HRC marks International Day of Zero Tolerance Against FGM
Thursday 9 February 2017 17:02

In video messages released for International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), LI HRC members Marina Schuster (FDP - LI full-member) and Phil Bennion (LIBG - LI full-member) have highlighted actions liberals around the world must undertake in order to eradicate this harmful practice.

Pointing out to some of these actions, Schuster appealed for global efforts to ending FGM and reiterated the need to keep the pressure on governments so that they protect women and girls and run relevant programmes in development and cooperation.


In an interview with FGM activists in Burmingham Lalit Bhusal and Amrita Tewari, Bennion called for raising awareness and expresed firm support to efforts to make communities aware that this can and does happen even among expatriates. Addressing the core of the problem Tewari said: "People need to be educated as it is happening among us. We are women and we have a full right to our body. Therefore we have the right to say no to being cut or mutilated."

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