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LI HRC forms strategies to fight violence against women at ALN GA
Wednesday 29 March 2017 20:03

As part of LI’s ongoing campaign to globalize the Istanbul Convention on Combatting and Preventing Violence against Women, the LI Human Rights Committee has held its first meeting on the fringes of an Africa Liberal Network (ALN, LI cooperating organisation) statutory event and taken the debate directly to a wide range of Africa's parliamentarians.

Under the theme Prevention of Violence against Women: Liberal Strategies and Perspectives and in cooperation with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM, LI full-member), the meeting took place at the 13th ALN General Assembly (GA) and saw the participation of a number of ODM liberal legislators and LI HRC members sitting on ALN’s Bureau including ALN Vice-Presidents Rosemary Machua (ODM), Medard Mulangala and Stevens Mokgalapa MP (DA, LI full-member).

Split into four separate working groups, ALN delegates and observers discussed the importance of the role of the media in projecting a positive image for women and women’s political and economic empowerment as a major deterrent to violence among other related topics.

Some of the conclusions reached were that more women should be allowed an equal opportunity to become policy makers and more men should actively speak up against gender-based violence and support efforts to eliminate it.

In an effort to facilitate closer cooperation between LI and ALN in the field of promotion and advancement of women’s rights, the ALN GA adopted the flagship Nairobi Declaration on Prevention and Elimination of Violence against Women. Acknowledging that violence against women remains one of the most widespread forms of human rights violations, the declaration commits ALN to working with their partners in Liberal International (LI) and liberal parties across the world, in opposition and in government, to condemn and eliminate gender-based violence.

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Elaborating on the importance of this fundamental document LI Vice-President and LI HRC Chair Markus Loening said: “The Nairobi Declaration represents an important step towards the empowerment of women and it testifies to the ongoing commitment by the African liberal family to[wards] gender equality. As we look forward to strengthening cooperation between Liberal International (LI), its Human Rights Committee and the Africa Liberal Network, I sincerely hope that this Declaration will serve to solidify the efforts of liberals to speak with one voice when it comes to promotion and advancement of human rights.”

Owing to the generous financial support received from Rassemblement des Republicains (RDR, LI full-member), the LI HRC meeting brought together around 50 liberals from approximately 15 different countries in Africa.

The ALN General Assembly met in Nairobi, Kenya and saw delegates from over 40 liberal parties from across the continent meet to discuss the major issues facing their countries and the wider continent and to share their experiences of campaigning, governing and scrutinising governments in Africa.

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