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LI HRC Chair Markus Loening calls for the release of Yabloko Activist Kiril Bobro
Friday 17 March 2017 14:03

In a statement issued excusively for LI, Chair of LI Human Rights Committee and Vice-President on LI Bureau Markus Loening has called for the immediate release of the leader of the Youth Yabloko branch in Stavropol (South Russia) Kiril Bobro.


Bobro has been sentenced to two months in prison on trumped up charges of drugs' possession as a retaliation by the Russian authorities for his political activities at the liberal opposition party. Most recently he organized a series of commemorative events in Stavropol in memory of the murdered leader of the liberal opposition Boris Nemtsov

Underlining the urgency of Bobro's immediate release Loening said: "I call on the Russian authorities to immediate release Kiril Bobro, the leader of Youth Yabloko from Stavropol. Even to his lawyer his whereabouts remain unknown. Any detention on trumped up charges and without an access to a lawyer is illegal under international and Russian law. Russia is a member of the Council of Europe and other international conventions obliging authorities to fully respect human rights and the rule of law. It’s authorities must act accordingly. I further call on the Russian government to make sure international conventions are being fully respected by all parts of law enforcement."

LI President of Honour and ALDE Party President Hans Van Baalen MEP has echoed Loening's statement saying:"I join the call for the immediate release of youth activist Kirill Bobro, who has been detained for two months on fake charges and risks many years of imprisonment."

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In a press release issued by Yabloko (LI full-member) the Deputy Chairman of the party Nikolai Rybakov echoed Loening''s statement saying: “It is certain that Kiril Bobro is persecuted for his public and political activity in the region. Using law enforcement in politics is unacceptable.  The authorities continue to intimidate and persecute opposition representatives instead of beginning in a dialogue with them. We will give all possible support to Kirill Bobro and pursue his safety."

Yabloko had organizied a series of memorial actions for Boris Nemtsov all around Russia most of which were met with severe resistance and harassment from the Russian authorities. 

A campaign for the release of Kiril Bobro has been launched on social media using the hashtag #FreeKirillBobro #СвободуКириллуБобро.

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