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LI EC at COP22 discussed opportunities for everyone and progress for all
Thursday 17 November 2016 17:11

"Our [liberal] philosophy is a moral philosophy, a philosophy of conservation," said LI President Dr Juli Minoves at the special session on Climate Change, organised as part of the 197th LI Executive Committee at the UN COP22 venue in Marrakech. Assembled upon the invitation of LI Vice President and Moroccan Environment Minister Hakima el Haite, LI delegates agreed that “innovation, opportunity, and passion are key ingredients to fight the climate challenges facing future generations.”

Addressing the delegates, Minister El Haite praised the clear determination of the liberals world-wide to focus on climate change. She said that she is “proud” to be part of the international liberal family as securing secure and safe environment across the globe puts the individual in the core of the policy, which is at the center of liberalism. In that sense, she reminded that “the problem is not a South-South problem” adding that “Europe is dealing with problems from the south and of climate change.”

The delegates engaged in a lengthy and inspiring debate on the draft of the Liberal Manifesto 2017, which is to be adopted at the 70th anniversary Congress of Liberal International next May in Andorra. Presenting the work of the Manifesto Drafting Committee under the leadership of LI President, the Chair of the Committee Prof. Karl-Heinz Paqué – Deputy Chairman of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation – emphasised that while liberal values are under threat in the aftermath of the latest political developments from the Philippines, over United Kingdom to the United States, the Manifesto 2017 will offer a liberal response based on “opportunities for everyone and progress for all.”

The meeting of the LI EC in Marrakech coincided with the upsetting victory of Donald Trump at the US Presidential elections, who among other populist policies frequently spoke against the international liberal order, including the Paris Accords and expressing to revert the dangerous change of our planet’s climate.

Photos from the EC are available on the Facebook page of the co-host of the LI EC - the Morocco office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundaiton for Freedom. The EC was organised with the assistance of LI full members in Morocco: Union Constitutionelle and Movement Populare.

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