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LI Deputy President Helen Zille highlights Western Cape achievements in SOPA address
Friday 24 February 2017 10:02

"After years of effort, by many partners, the Western Cape is beginning to reap the rewards" declared LI Deputy President and Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille as she delivered the 9th State of the Province Address (SOPA) last week, highlighting the key achievements of her provincial government and demonstrating that good governance can and does create a domino effect.

"Since we took office in 2009, we have put this Province firmly on the road to the future. And today we assess where we are on that journey. After years of effort, by many partners, the Western Cape is beginning to reap the rewards.Not only have we achieved a full set of financially unqualified audits, and 11 out of 12 clean departmental audits, we have also been top of the Presidency’s Monitoring and Evaluation unit’s ratings for 5 years running...Our unemployment rate is the lowest in SA... and the Western Cape also has the lowest rural unemployment rate in the country, at just 14%" she said.

Drawing attention to the importance of good governance she reminded that it is crucial "for helping to create a context for the most important priority of all – job creation, which is driven primarily by private sector investment, which is attracted by good governance and public confidence in the future."

Zille further highlighted the R5.9 billion worth of investments made in the Western Cape, through the province's excellent economic development and investment agency, Wesgro and the growing number of green manufacturers who are driving South Africa’s status as the fastest growing green economy hub in the world (as cited in a report by Moody’s Ratings Agency).

In her concluding remarks she stressed that many challenges remain not least the lack of skills required to fill key jobs in the economic sector and the need to ensure energy security.

A copy of her full speech can be accessed by clicking here.

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