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LI Calls for Democracy and Rule of Law in the DRC at UNHRC
Tuesday 21 March 2017 17:03

In a written statement submitted to the 34th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), LI has called for the world's attention to the urgent need for political reconciliation and restoration of the rule of law and democracy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Building on a resolution co-sponsored by the ALDE Group in the European Parliament (LI full-member), the statement stresses on the importance of establishing a national dialogue between the different political actors and ackwnoledgeS the ever-increasing level of violence and violations and infringements of human rights and international law by the authorities in the country, especially in regards to targeted actions and arbitrary arrests.

The role LI member parties Alliance Pour le Renouveau du Congo and Union Pour la Reconstruction Du Congo have played and continue to play in the transition agreement and the overall return of democracy and rule of law to the country was recognized as crucial while the Liberal International Human Rights Committee made a commitment to raise the issue of political reconciliation in the DRC by addressing members of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) directly.

Calling on the international community to undertake urgent action, Liberal International has appealed on the United Nations to establish an Independent Commission of Inquiry in order to conduct full, thorough and transparent investigation into the alleged human rights violations that took place during the protests and identify those responsible holding them to an account.

The situation in the DRC is set to be discussed at the 13th Annual General Assembly of the Africa Liberal Network (LI cooperating organisation)  in Nairobi, Kenya this week.

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