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LI Bureau after Bulgaria vote: Reject coalition with far-right political forces
Tuesday 11 April 2017 20:04

While marking the 70th anniversary of Liberal International, the LI Bureau of the world’s oldest political international evaluated the situation in Bulgaria in the aftermath of the early elections that took place on 26th of March. The Bureau congratulated its member Dhzevdet Chakarov for his re-election in the national Parliament and asked him to convey the congratulatory message to the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF, LI full member) president Musftafa Karadayi, the president of honour Ahmet Dogan and the party membership for the good result.

At the same time the Bureau, with renewed concern, assessed the rise of xenophobia and intolerance seen through the electoral results of the nationalistic and populist “Patriotic Front”. The members of the Liberal International renewed their concern expressed already in the past that the political intolerance towards minorities promoted by the extreme right-wing populists might be integrated in the national cabinet.
Speaking on behalf of the Bureau LI President Dr Juli Minoves said: “Already in 2014 I emphasised that liberal values founded the European idea and must be reasserted against far-right rhetoric. Today, our position as a political federation is even more resolute – we call on all mainstream democratic political parties and movements to clearly reject coalition talks with far-right political forces and to loudly and clearly distance themselves from this nationalist-populist and xenophobic path.”
The Bureau of Liberal International recalled its positive memories from its 53rd Congress in Sofia under the theme of “Freedom and Security” reaffirming Bulgaria’s firm place in the family of European and Euro-Atlantic Nations. “Bulgaria should continue to serve as a positive example with its inclusive society and political stability in South East of Europe, especially ahead of its presidency with the European Union in the beginning of 2018”, concluded the Members of the Liberal International Bureau.

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