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Global community affirms commitment to Paris Accord at COP22
Wednesday 23 November 2016 17:11

Minister of Environment for Morocco and LI Vice President, Hakima El Haite, has spoken with optimism at the success of  the 22nd session of the United Nations Climate Change Summit, known as COP22, which ended this week in Marrakesh, Morocco, as the international community affirmed its dedication to preserving the legacy of the global climate change accord signed in Paris last year. 

The conference, which coincided with Liberal International's 197th Executive Committee meeting, forged international cooperation on climate change and brought together the public and private sectors of development to pave the route for implementing climate change policy.

“What I have seen in Morocco is something I have never seen anywhere in the world. We destroyed all the walls and we built bridges between the climate negotiations and the real world”, Minister El Haite said after the Summit's conclusion.

Minister El Haite was also happy that the talks affirmed Morocco’s presence as a role model in the region for international diplomacy.

“The best conclusion is the end result of the committee and having received congratulations from His Majesty [the King of Morocco]. It reflects the total success of COP22, where millions of participants from around the world assembled in Marrakech. [...] We Moroccans are so proud of our country and King -- we were able to carry Morocco so high in the world. By putting Morocco at the heart of international diplomacy, we were able to write a new page in history.” She said.



The international community reaffirmed the terms set out in the Paris Accord and worked to provide frameworks for its implementation  and came out with the Marrakech Action Proclamation. In other successes, the Climate Vulnerable Forum, a community of 47 of the poorest countries in the world, committed to generating 100% of their energy from renewable resources as soon as possible.

The conference occurred under the shadow of the election of President-Elect of the USA, Donald Trump, who has frequently spoken out against the Paris Accord and promised to withdraw from it, if elected. However, the international community remained resilient in solidifying the terms set out in the Paris Accord and fear was transformed into a resolve to working strategically to combat the worrying rise of the earth’s temperatures.  

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