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Estonian Reform Party appoints new leader
Thursday 12 January 2017 18:01

Hanno Pevkur has been appointed as the new leader of the Reform Party (LI full-member), the largest party in the Estonian parliament, as the Liberals convened for their Congress in the capital Tallinn.

Pevkur succeeds former Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas as party leader. He has been a Member of the Estonian Parliament and has served as Minister of Interior Affairs in the last cabinet led by the Reform Party. Prior to that, he also served as Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of Justice. 

In an interview given to LI cooperating organisation ALDE Party, Pevkur outlined the party's upcoming priorities saying: "In Estonia we are still the biggest party in Parliament. We have 30 seats and it will stay like this until 2019. We remain Estonia’s strongest party. The local elections coming up in October will be our main priority this year and the result will show what our status is right now."

Elaborating on the Reform Party's strengths further he underlined that the party is ready to return to government. "Liberal governments create the framework for people in need and put a regulatory framework in place that creates a good environment for everybody. The job of the government is to help people who need help. If we lead by example, walk the talk and take an objective approach, Liberals win the hearts and minds; and elections!" he said.

In his concluding remarks Pevkur discussed at length the party's foreign policy, recalling that it was the government led by the Reform Party which raised the defence budget to 2.2 % of GDP (thus fulfilling Estonia's NATO obligations) and indicating that the party will remain vigilant in regards to the leading government’s party bilateral agreement with Vladimir Putin’s party.

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