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Congress Registration set to open on 01 April
Thursday 23 March 2017 18:03

Hosted by LI full member Liberals d’Andorra in coordination with European Liberal Forum, the 70th Anniversary LI Congress registration will open its registration on Saturday, 1 April, and close on Thursday, 4 May. The 70th Anniversary Congress will mark a history with the culmination of the 2017 Liberal Manifesto process – a global reflection on liberalism in the twenty-first century.

Delegates and guests will have opportunity to register timely via the event page on Eventbrite, and the link will be posted on the LI website. It is important that, before registering, delegates and guests of the Congress confirm their status with the International Officer of their Party or organization.

The Congress will open its activities in the afternoon of Thursday, 18 May. The next day, 19 May, will be filled with stimulating sessions organised by our partner organisations, Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY), and Swedish People's Party of Finland (SFP). Productive discussions will be held on topics which include ways of combatting populism worldwide, how to deal with intergenerational inequalities, and local perspective of the liberal Manifesto. Right after, LI Human Rights Committee and VVD will organize an interactive session debating thought-provoking topic of individual rights versus group rights. On last day Saturday, 20 May, the activities will be focused on the Manifesto with discussions, key political speeches, and endorsement from the membership.

Information about logistics of the Congress such as accommodation and transportation will be communicated next week to the International Officers. Delegates and guests can keep up to date with the latest information online by following Liberal International on Facebook and Twitter. For any inquiries and additional information, contact our Congress Assistant Tijana Mladic at tijana(at)liberal-international@org

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Johannesburg, 27-29 October
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