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Chilean liberals call for presidential candidate who can reconcile freedom and equality
Thursday 2 March 2017 17:03

Demanding an end to bi-polar politics in Chile, Congressman Vlado Mirosevic, of the Liberal Party of Chile (LI full member) has discussed his party’s programme for the 2017 presidential elections, in a recent interview. Congressman Mirosevic presented the perspectives of Frente Amplio (Broad Front), which aspires to become the third national political force next to Nueva Mayoria and Chile Vamos.

Speaking of the differences between the various parties that are part of Frente Amplio, the liberal parliamentarian said: “We come from a liberal, egalitarian stream that has different interpretations but, nevertheless, we can agree on a common programme.” He acknowledged that “there are more fundamental differences in ideological interpretations because there are different currents within Frente Amplio”, however, the decisive moment will be the selection of the presidential candidate, for which he believes “the key” is to have a “transversal candidate.”

“We want to present a candidate who is from a progressive front, without doubt, but who is also able to unite the regional, the centrist and the independent sectors of the society,” said Mr. Mirosevic. He insisted that the candidate of Frente Amplio must be “capable of reconciling freedom and equality, as two values that go hand in hand.”  He said: “Our candidate must be capable of having an agenda that defends social rights, but also an agenda of understanding, future, innovation, of a count that sticks to the future. These are not contradictory issues and that is what a candidate has to be able to embody.”

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