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Carlos Alberto Montaner: Maduro's regime deserves to be sanctioned
Tuesday 28 March 2017 15:03

“Nicolás Maduro's Chavist regime has undoubtedly violated all paragraphs of the Organisation of American States’ Interamerican Democratic Charter and deserves to be sanctioned, but suspending Venezuela from the organization is not much of a punishment and may come too late. The damage that society has suffered is most profound,” writes prominent Cuban writer, journalist and liberal politician, Carlos Alberto Montaner.

In his article (original in Spanish) Montaner says that “worse than trying to turn Venezuela into another Cuba is having transformed it into another Congo, a chaotic and disorganized country dominated by local chieftains who live by the blade of a knife.” Montaner calls Venezuela a “rogue state” that assaults others, but also “a ‘failed state’ that disobeys its own laws and ignores its institutions, a state from which the principle of authority has disappeared, the capacity to repress has metastasized into one thousand violent centres and the state apparatus does not respond to the orders from those who allegedly lead it.”

Montaner alerts that “given the regime's infinite ineptitude and the growing loss of authority, anything can happen” and he foresees “a period of starvation that will kill thousands of Venezuelans or turn them into skin and bones, a prolonged absence of electricity and drinking water and spread of monstrous and uncontrollable diseases.”

“It is hard to believe that Maduro can appeal to common sense and seek a collegial solution along with the opposition, which constitutes an infinite majority in the country”, argues Montaner, insisting that “Raúl Castro will order him to resist and entrench himself in the anti-imperialist discourse.”

“The greater the destruction of the national foundation and the longer it lasts, the more painful and bloody will be the cure,” concludes the famous Cuban liberal.

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