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CALD convenes first Youth Academy in Hong Kong
Wednesday 29 March 2017 11:03

“How can we say to any country in the world that it is not ready for democracy?  Who are we to say that?”, said Martin Lee, Founding Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong (DPHK) and Liberal International’s only Individual Member, as he addressed the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD – LI cooperating organisation) Youth’s inaugural Youth Political Academy (CYPA), held in Hong Kong between 23-27 March 2017.

Under the theme, “The 3 I’s of Leadership: Imagine, Inspire, Innovate”,  the youth participants not only got abreast of recent political developments in Hong Kong and of useful communication techniques, but also met with a number of Hong Kong’s young start-up entrepreneurs in an event hosted by the German liberal foundation, FNF’s (LI cooperating organisation) Global Innovation Hub Office.

Demonstrating how young leaders can capture the attention of their audience, Chairperson of the DPHK, Emily Lau, said: “Engaging the people directly is the most important thing for a politician. When one stands to speak, even before you open your mouth, you should be like a magnet attracting the attention of all the people in the room.  You can do it by your persona and by preparation.  You need to prepare what you will say… and you need to speak from the heart.”  



In 2014 Liberal International hosted its 193rd Executive Committee meeting in Hong Kong and, with delegates from around the world, demonstrated its solidarity with the Umbrella Movement who were calling for greater democratic rights for Hong Kong, which remains a part of the People’s Republic of China under the one-country-two-systems principle. The restrictions around voting in 2014 prompted waves of Hong Kong people to protest about the limited suffrage in the special administrative region; in the context of these protests, LI was the first political international on the ground to support widening democracy in Hong Kong.

Find out more about the CYPA here.

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