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Belgian Liberals commemorate 170th anniversary
Thursday 1 December 2016 15:12

LI full members Open VLD and Mouvement Réformateur, celebrated the 170th anniversary of the Belgian Liberal Party, cementing a long-standing legacy of liberalism in Belgium. Chairman of the Brussels branch of Open VLD, Freddie Neyts, addressed the celebrations and praised the progress made in Belgium to create a more inclusive, progressive and radical liberal agenda since the inception of The Liberal Party.

“During the program this evening, we will remember the progressive, even radical, program themes initiated by our forefathers. The Liberals became the proponents of large emancipating social and legislative changes” he said.

At the celebration, Freddy Neyts also highlighted the necessity for liberally progressive involvement to combat the pertinent issues of the day and concluded by calling for an increased liberal presence in local and municipal offices. 

“Creative, liberal-progressive interventions are needed to solve the problems of poverty, cleanliness, urban development and the disastrous mobility approach by successive ministers. There should be more liberals in Parliament and in the Municipal councils,” Neyts said.




The celebrations were commemorated in the Gothic Hall in Brussels City Hall, where the first Liberal Congress of Belgium took place in 1846 to establish the Liberal Party, which was at the time, the first Belgian political party. 

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