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African Liberals slam African Union's plan to withdraw from ICC
Thursday 2 February 2017 16:02

ALN President, Olivier Kamitatuhas labelled as deplorable the decision of the African Union to sanction withdrawal of African states from the International Criminal Court (ICC).


“We urge all AU states to reconsider and ultimately reject any strategy of leaving the ICC. The ICC’s role should be reinforced, reinvigorated and mandated to serve the interests of the defenseless. Instead of an ICC-exit, let us together work to ensure the institution becomes more effective and efficient for the cause of justice" he said.

Although non-binding, the statement stressed that such a strategy is highly alarming "as it flies in the face of a democratic, human rights agenda, including the Right to Protect imperative" and serves no justice to Africa and its people.

ALN Vice-President for Southern Africa who also sits on LI Human Rights Committee,Stevens Mokgalapareminded of the actions undertaken by his own party, the Democratic Alliance (LI full-member), in regards to holding the national government to an account for its failure to arrest Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir whilst he was on South African soil.

The statement also praised the leading role undertaken by the Senegalese government led by President Macky Sall which has spoken in favour of remaining in and building up the ICC as a credible, reliable human rights institution. 

Liberal International (LI) stands as a firm supporter of the ICC with LI President Dr. Juli Minoves most recently stressing that the "ICC should stand strong and be supported by all of us as a guarantee that the highest crimes against people will never go unpunished anywhere." 

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