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AFEK Tounes offers social-liberal alternative for Tunisia
Monday 3 April 2017 19:04

"The future of geopolitical balances" was the focus of the international conference in Tunisia, co-organized by AFEK Tounes and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF - LI cooperating organisation), addressing the new regional and international balances and their implications for the Middle East and North Africa. The conference was followed by the national Congress of AFEK Tounes at which the party publicly profiled itself a social-liberal alternative for Tunisia.

Prominent participants, including Yassine Brahim, Tunisian Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation and AFEK Tounes president, and Mahmoud Jibril, former Prime Minister and President of the National Forces Alliance in Libya, stressed that the world is witnessing rapid and deep developments such as the refugee crisis, terrorist threats, the crisis in the Arab region, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the rise of right-wing populist parties in Europe. "The unprecedented changes taking place in the world call for an in-depth dialogue and the search for solutions to avoid the consequences of escalation at the political level," said Ralf Erbel, FNF Director for Tunisia and Libya.

AFEK Tounes Leader Minister Brahim said that "Tunisia, which is affected by all these conditions, always relies on its long-standing and open diplomacy to all neighbouring countries." He stressed "the importance of good relations in the region”, especially given that Tunisia is experiencing “difficulties that require more cooperation and partnership relations aimed at peace and stability in the region.”

Emil Kirjas, LI Secretary General, reminded that the unprecedented prosperity and the growth that humanity witnessed in the past decades was based on the liberal democratic values.  Cautioning on the “confusing times we live in” where we witness emerging illiberal alternative offered by the populist and authoritarian politicians, he stressed that “the liberals are promoting open free society and are holding on to their values”.

At the AFEK Tounes Congress in competitive elections, Minister Yassine Brahim was re-elected president of the party. He pledged to fight for a “just and bold” state in Tunisia.

The events in Tunisia were attended by the current and the past presidents of the Arab Liberal Federation Mahmoud El Alialy and Saed Karadja, and representatives from LI members from Lebanon, Morocco, Netherlands, Senegal and Sweden.

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