Friedrich Naumann, Germany (1860-1919)

Born Störmthal, Prussia (Germany), Friedrich Naumann was a political and social theorist, publicist, and reformer who became one of the most influential partisans of German liberalism. Through 1893 he shaped the journal Die Hilfe ("Assistance") into a forum for his ideas and founded the National Social Union (1896), an organisation that called for national strength through a combined programme of democratic and social reform.

Having failed to establish a political party based on his association, in 1903 he joined the Freisinnige Vereinigung (Liberal Union), later (1910) merged with the Progressive People's Party, and in 1907 was elected to the Reichstag (Parliament). In 1919 he was one of the founders of the Democratic Party, and he served as the party's leader until his death.

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