Lajos Kossuth, Hungary (1802-1894)

Hungarian statesman, a leader of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution, born in Monok, Hungary. He practised law, and became a political journalist for which he was imprisoned (1837-40). As a journalist, he won fame and popularity by his articles that campaigned to free Hungary from Austrian control.

In 1847 he became leader of the opposition in government, and in 1848 demanded an independent government for Hungary. In 1848 he was mainly instrumental in passing "March laws" which abolished the privileges of the nobles, freed the peasants, and created a ministry responsible to the legislature.

At the head of the Committee of National Defence, he was appointed provisional governor of Hungary (1849). The Russians intervened in support of the Austrian government and the combination of the forces were too strong for the Hungarian army, and the short-lived republic was overcome.

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