Shinui leaves Israeli Government

Israeli prime Minister Ariel Sharon sacked his main coalition partner, Shinui, after it defied him by voting against the 2005 state budget.

LI member Shinui, a secularist party, broke with Sharon in anger over his promise of $ 64 million in subsidies to projects of the an ultra-Orthodox religious party .  In the 2003 parliamentary elections Shinui emerged as the single biggest winner after it strongly campaigned for:

Reducing the influence of the Jewish religious right in Israeli society;
Cutting welfare payments to ultra-Orthodox Jewish families;
Removing the exemption that means religious young men do not have to join the army while their secular countrymen are drafted and obliged to serve in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The budget crisis seems to be initiated by Sharon himself  in a premeditated process to get rid of Shinui enabling him to establish a new coalition with the Labour Party and the ultra-Orthodox parties.


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