Jorge Carpio Nicolle, Guatemala (1932-1993)

Jorge Carpio Nicolle was regarded as one of the driving forces of liberalism, human rights and democracy in Guatemala. Carpio Nicolle founded the Unión del Centro Nacional (UCL) in 1984. In 1985 and 1990 he was the party's candidate for the presidential elections. Carpio Nicolle came second in both elections in the second round of voting. Carpio Nicolle was also a former editor and director general of El Grafico, one of Guatemala's largest newspapers, a President of the Guatemalan Red Cross and a member (on several occasions as Ambassador) of the Guatemalan Delegation to the United Nations.

Jorge Carpio Nicolle, a Vice President of Liberal International, was assassinated in July 1993. It is widely believed that the military were involved in his murder, though no one has yet been charged.

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