The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year and consists of representatives of all member parties. The Executive Committee directs activities and policy development between Congresses, and ensures that the work of the Bureau is in accordance with decisions of the Executive Committee and the Congress.

Next Executive: Beirut 2013

Upon invitation of Al-Mustaqbal/Future Movement (LI member), the 190th Executive Committee of Liberal International will take place in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut on 12-14 April 2013.

Only a month ahead of the national elections in Lebanon, Liberal International will assemble in 'the capital of democracy and freedom' of the Middle East, allowing liberals from the region and world to discuss perspectives for growth of individual rights and freedoms globally in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. LI has already successfully organised two Congresses in the wider Middle East and North Africa in less then 10 years: Marrakesh (2006) and Cairo (2009), and it dedicated its last year's spring Executive Committee in Barcelona to the 1st anniversary of the Arab Spring. In this spirit the Executive Committee will focus on debates that would define a winning liberal agenda in today's changed world dominated by populist tendencies.

Political discussions will be organised to define common liberal strategies to further forster peace, freedom and democracy, while respecting the religious and traditional values of the diverse communities. There will be two key panels at the Conference organised by Liberal International: 
1. “How Should Liberals Deal with the Situation in Syria? Is Syria the end to R2P?”, in the framework of the Human Rights Committee
2. “'Liberalism' and ‘traditional values': how to answer populist tendencies”

Liberal International has teamed up with its memebrs and partners to provide series of events, oppening opportunities for profound debates, exchanges of experiences and defining of common positions. Partners include: the Arab Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AAFD), Arab Spring Youth (ASY), Friedrich Nanmann Foundation for Liberty (FNF), ALDE Party, European Liberal Forum (ELF), Liberal Democrats, International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY), International Democratic Initiative of D66, VVD International and Danish Liberal Democracy Programme. Further information about the events and a comprehensive programme can be found below.

The registration for the 190th LI Executive Committee has now been opened. Please see details below.

Please be aware: delegates who are travelling to Lebanon with a passport that contains an Israeli visa or immigration stamp will be required to apply for new identity documents prior to their departure in order to be granted access to the country.

Check this page frequently for more updates on the 190th Executive Committee in Beirut, Lebanon.